COVID-19 Task Force

Work with us to conduct scientific research, develop tools and even support in drug discovery, development and clinical testing to prevent, fight and cure Covid19 once and for all!

What COVID-19 Does To You

We are increasingly learning more about the effects of the range of symptoms caused by COVID-19, they include fever, a dry cough, and of course, the deadly inflammation of the respiratory system. Click to open the full resolution to view how it works.

Image Courtery: Avesta Rastan

Prevent, Fight and Cure

Prevent & Inform

Help us develop tools that help detect, analyze and modify behaviour so we all can be safe while we fight a cure.

Discover & Fight

Diagnose, analyze and build decision support tools so we can help healthcare professionals conduct their work rapidly.

Develop & Cure

Traditional drug discovery takes years, we’d like use AI to accelerate drug discovery process at least 10 fold!

Help us fight this monster!

War Speed. That’s what we need now!